Install in AWS

Cloudformation Templates

Install steps

  1. Get a Fyde Access Proxy enrollment link by creating a new Fyde Access Proxy. Since we don’t have the value for Host parameters yet, please insert a placeholder (e.g. temp.local)

  2. Choose one of the templates:

  3. Update the created Fyde Access Proxy Host with the DNS name obtained in the stack output key NetworkLoadBalancerDnsName

  4. Configure access to the desired resources with the security group id obtained in the stack output key SecurityGroupforResources

ASG with NLB

  • launch-stack-logo

  • Contains all the resources and steps needed to deploy Fyde Access Proxy in an ASG behind an NLB

  • The template creates a highly available / self-healing infrastructure with a minimum of 2 EC2 instances that are part of an ASG and sit behind an NLB. Required security groups and ports are included. The latest AMI for the deployed region is automatically configured, at the date of the deploy

  • Download Template here

ECS on AWS Fargate

  • launch-stack-logo

  • Contains all the resources and steps needed to deploy Fyde Access Proxy in an ECS cluster hosted on AWS Fargate

  • The template creates the required containers behind an NLB. Required security groups are included. The template will use the latest container versions

  • Download Template here


  • Fyde Access Proxy AMI is based on the oficial Amazon Linux 2 AMI

  • The AMI is available in the account 766535289950 in all regions under the prefix amazonlinux-2-base_*

  • Fyde Access Proxy AMI details:
    • CIS recommendations for CentOS
    • CIS recommendations for SSH
    • Updated regularly to ensure the latest packages
    • Performs automatic install of security updates via yum-cron when deployed
  • Example for listing the available AMIs with aws-cli tools

    • Please note these ids will change with new versions

      date -u
      Wed Jan 22 21:42:01 UTC 2020
      → for region in $(aws ec2 describe-regions --query "Regions[].RegionName" --output text); \
        do echo "${region}: $(aws ec2 describe-images --owners 766535289950 \
          --filters Name=name,Values=amazonlinux-2-base_* \
          --query "reverse(sort_by(Images, &CreationDate))[0].ImageId" \
          --output text --region ${region})"; \
      eu-north-1: ami-01776f96a2bcba9c0
      ap-south-1: ami-060533e21f97843fe
      eu-west-3: ami-058a7b459aa9742ce
      eu-west-2: ami-0da8e217042aa1b9f
      eu-west-1: ami-06d428d348ad6634a
      ap-northeast-2: ami-0a315a5409f2c4283
      ap-northeast-1: ami-0e77a541fb2ef41f1
      sa-east-1: ami-03a71597766642f8a
      ca-central-1: ami-0ea12b59141d17ccd
      ap-southeast-1: ami-04741feffb4f38b37
      ap-southeast-2: ami-0b1feebb9f2a57e56
      eu-central-1: ami-0f10c8bc67da07640
      us-east-1: ami-00ee7d804af55cf4c
      us-east-2: ami-024d399c7a47c3ead
      us-west-1: ami-012d519302625eb00
      us-west-2: ami-0d023437b65cbea27
  • Please note that Fyde software is not included in the AMI, this image is intended to be used as the base to install the latest packages available with the provided scripts in Install in Bare Metal / Virtual Machine