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  • These are the network requirements for a secure working installation:

    • Internal resources (configured from Fyde Enterprise Console) can only communicate with the internal leg of Envoy Proxy

    • Envoy proxy has an internal leg and an internet facing leg

    • Internet facing leg needs to expose the configured Fyde Access Proxy port

    • For Highly Available mode (HA), Envoy Proxy needs to be placed behind a Layer 3 Round Robin Load Balancer

Firewall configuration

NOTE: assuming default values

Component Description Direction Protocol / Port Mode
Envoy Proxy Access port Inbound Configured in Console All
  Registered resources Outbound Configured in Console All
  Fyde Proxy Orchestrator Outbound TCP 50051 All
Fyde Proxy Orchestrator Envoy Proxy Cluster Inbound TCP 50051 All
  Fyde Enterprise Console API Outbound TCP 443 All
  Redis Outbound Configured Redis port HA mode

Network diagrams

Single mode

Network Diagram Single Mode

Highly Available mode

  • Redis Replication is out of the scope of this document

  • Please check Redis Replication

Network Diagram HA Mode