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Batch mode operations

fyde-cli supports adding and editing most record types in batch mode, using data contained in JSON or CSV files.

Common flags

Commands that support batch mode operations have four common flags:

  • --from-file specifies the filename from where to read the data
  • --file-format specifies the format of the file (json or csv). Can be omitted if JSON is used
  • --continue-on-error instructs fyde-cli to continue processing records even if the operation fails for one of them. By default, fyde-cli will quit on the first error. When this flag is passed, fyde-cli will process the file in its entirety and any errors will be shown in the resulting output.
  • --errors-only instructs fyde-cli to omit output for successful operations and show only the list of errors, and is meant to be used with --continue-on-error

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