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Add and edit users in batch mode

fyde-cli supports adding and editing users in batch mode, importing data from JSON or CSV files. Batch operations on users use the common batch mode flags.

JSON files should contain an array of objects, each containing the fields for each user one wishes to add or edit.

CSV files should be comma-separated. They must contain a header, specifying the fields and their order, followed by the records (one per line).

When editing users, unspecified non-mandatory fields remain unchanged.


The expected fields for each format are as follows:

JSON field name JSON type CSV field name Example Description Mandatory
id integer ID 123 ID of the user to edit.
Used only when editing
When editing
name string Name John Doe Name of the user When adding
email string Email Email address of the user No
phone_number string PhoneNumber 1234567890 Phone number of the user No
group_ids integer array GroupIds [12,56] User group IDs. In CSV, surround by quotes No
enabled boolean Enabled true Whether the user is enabled No
boolean SendEmail
false Whether to send an email invitation.
Used only when adding

File examples

Note: field order can be different from what is shown in the examples, and non-mandatory fields can be omitted. When using CSV, make sure to specify the correct field order in the header, and to maintain the order and number of fields consistent throughout each line.

Adding users


        "name": "User 1", "email": "", "phone_number": "123456",
        "group_ids": [34,56], "enabled": true, "send_email_invitation": false
        "name": "User 2", "email": "", "phone_number": "644889998",
        "group_ids": [], "enabled": true,  "send_email_invitation": true

$ fyde-cli users add --from-file=example.json


User 1,,123456,"[34,56]",true,false
User 2,,644889998,[],true,true

$ fyde-cli users add --from-file=example.csv --file-format=csv

Editing users


        "id": 12, "name": "User 1", "email": "",
        "phone_number": "123456", "group_ids": [], "enabled": false
        "id": 34, "name": "User 2", "email": "",
        "phone_number": "644889998", "group_ids": [34,56], "enabled": true

$ fyde-cli users edit --from-file=example.json


12,User 1,,123456,[],false
34,User 2,,644889998,"[34,56]",true

$ fyde-cli users edit --from-file=example.csv --file-format=csv