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Credentials file

fyde-cli uses a “credentials file” or “authentication file” which specifies what endpoint to use and the API credentials. This file is changed by the endpoint set and login commands.

By default, fyde-cli places the credentials file in a folder owned by the user. The exact path is platform-dependent. You can see what path fyde-cli will use by default in the “Global flags” section of the help text:

$ fyde-cli help
Global Flags:
      --auth string     credentials file (default is /home/myuser/.config/fyde/fyde-cli/auth.yaml)

When managing more than one Management Console installation, quickly switching between credentials files can be useful. The path to the credentials file can be overridden in two different ways:

  • Using the environment variable FYDE_CLI_AUTH_FILE, set to the full path of the file.
  • Using the flag --auth followed by the full path of the file. This takes precedence over the environment variable.

The “full path of the file” can be absolute or relative, and must include the file name and extension.