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Install fyde-cli

fyde-cli is available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

If you use Homebrew on Linux or macOS, we recommend installing fyde-cli through our Homebrew tap.

If you are using an operating system and architecture for which we provide pre-built binaries, we recommend using those. Just download the appropriate archive from the releases page. We also provide deb and rpm packages. The fyde-cli binaries are statically compiled and have no external dependencies.

Inside each archive, you’ll find the executable for the corresponding platform, a copy of the README and the license. Simply extract the executable and place it where you find most convenient (for example, in most Linux distros, you could use /usr/local/bin for a system-wide install). Don’t forget to add the executable to $PATH, or equivalent, if desired.

If we do not provide a pre-built binary for your platform, or if you want to make changes to fyde-cli, you can compile it yourself, following the instructions.

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