Add resource

To add a new resource, go to Access and click the “+” icon in the top right.

Control Screen

Fill in the details:

Add Resource

  • Resource Name: Simple identifier for the resource in Fyde Enterprise Console

  • Public Host: Hostname used by the device to redirect the request to the Fyde Access Proxy
    • Needs to be a valid DNS record
    • Doesn’t need to exist as a public DNS record, private or at all
  • Resource Host: Internal resource hostname or IP used by the Fyde Access Proxy to connect to
    • Needs to be a hostname or IP that the Fyde Access Proxy can resolve and connect to
  • External Port: Port used for the request to the Public Host from the device

  • Internal Port: Internal Resource port used by the Fyde Access Proxy to connect to the Resource Host

  • Access Proxy: The Fyde Access Proxy that will be used and has access to the resource being configured

  • Policy Name: The policy used to allow access for this resource

  • Notes: Can be used to add extra information regarding the resource

Please note:

  • When accessing an internal resource with HTTPS configured, the Public Host needs to match the configured hostname in the resource certificate