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OIDC Configuration

  1. To configure OIDC, go to Settings, then General, Identity Provider, click Activate Provider and then click on your OpenID Connect choice.

    Console Settings

Google OpenID Connect

When choosing this option, there are no additional steps to configure. The identity provider is now configured.

Microsoft OpenID Connect

When choosing this option, write a comma separated list of all Microsoft Azure AD Tenant IDs you wish to use for SSO.

Each Tenant ID will become a link once you accept the form. An Azure Administrator must click on each of these links to grant Administrator Consent to our OpenID Connect Authenticator app.

Custom OpenID Connect

  1. Please take note of the fields your provider will require:

    • Client ID

    • Client secret

    • Metadata URL

    • Email Claim

    Console Settings

Refer to your Identity Provider configuration manual on how to retrieve these configuration values.