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Steps to create an Azure AD SAML application to use with Fyde Enterprise Console

Configure SAML

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as a global admin for your Azure AD tenant, a cloud application admin, or an application admin

  2. Select Azure Active Directory - Enterprise Applications

    Enterprise Applications

  3. Select New application

    New Application

  4. Select Non-gallery Application

    • Insert the desired Name (suggestion: Fyde Enterprise Console)

    • Click Add to create the application

    Create Application

  5. Select Single sign-on and change the method to SAML

    SSO Method

  6. In this menu we are going to use the values obtained from step 2 in Fyde Enterprise Console SAML:

    • Please fill in:

      • Identifier (Entity ID)

      • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)

      • Sign on URL (SSO URL)

    • Click Save and close the form with top right X

    SAML Configuration

  7. Get the custom application SAML configuration:

    • Please take note of the Login URL and the Azure AD identifier

    • Click Download to get the Certificate (Base64)

    SAML Properties

  8. Select Manage - Properties:

    • Ensure Enabled for users to sign-in? is enabled

    • [Optional] Use this image to configure the logo for the application

    • We recomend disabling User assignment required?, otherwise you need to manually add all the desired users/groups allowed to use the application

    SAML Provider

  9. Use the values obtained to continue the step 3 configuration in Fyde Enterprise Console SAML:

    • Entity ID -> Azure AD identifier

    • SSO URL -> Redirect URL

    • Certificate (base64) -> Certificate (base64)