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Steps to create an Okta SAML application to use with Fyde Enterprise Console

  • The steps were retrieved from this tutorial

  • This tutorial was created with Okta Version 2019.03.2

Configure SAML

  1. Log in to your Okta organization as a user with administrative privilege

  2. Create a new application by selecting Applications and then Add Aplication

    New Application

  3. Select Create New App

    Create New App

  4. Configure custom application type

    • Select Platform `Web

    • Select Sign on method SAML 2.0

    • Click Create to continue

    SAML Configuration

  5. Configure custom application type

    • Insert the desired App name (suggestion: Fyde Enterprise Console)

    • [Optional] Use this image to configure the App logo for the application

    • Select Next to continue

    SAML Details

  6. In this menu we are going to use the values obtained from step 2 in Fyde Enterprise Console SAML:

    • Please fill in:

      • Single sign on URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)

      • Ensure Use this Recipient URL and Destination URL is checked

      • Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

      • Ensure Application username is set to Email

      • Leave the remaining fields to defaults (as shown)

    • Select Show Advanced Settings to continue

    SAML Details

  7. In the Advanced Settings section

    • Check that all the values are set as below

    • Click Next to continue

    SAML Details

  8. Configure feedback and click Finish

    SAML Details

  9. Get provider definitions by selecting Sign On and View Setup Instructions

    • Use the values obtained to continue the step 3 configuration in Fyde Enterprise Console SAML:

    • Identity Provider Issuer - Entity ID

    • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL - SSO URL

    • X.509 Certificate - Certificate

    SAML Enable

  10. This app need to be assigned to users

    • Please ensure that you configure the desired assignments

    SAML Enable