• The following override mechanisms will be processed in order, the last override representing the final value:

    1. default value
    2. overrides.json file on the CWD of the service process
    3. Docker provisioned secret (/run/secrets/<key>)
    4. AWS SSM (all keys prefixed with ‘fyde_’)
    5. AWS SecretsManager (all keys prefixed with ‘fyde_’)
    6. environment variable, prefixed with FYDE_ , all caps and replacing dashes - with underscores _

Here is a complete list of all configuration parameters that this program uses.

Key Default value Type Description
enrollment_token None string Enrollment token provided by the Fyde Enterprise Console
prometheus False bool Prometheus metrics for the connector
prometheus_port 9000 int Prometheus port
server_mode False bool Run connector in microservice mode
server_host string IP Address to listen to for requests when running in server_mode
server_port 8000 int Port to listen in server_mode
sync_cycle 900 int Time to wait between sync cycles
sync_error_backoff 30 int Time to wait before retrying a failed sync attempt
sync_job_completion 30 int Time to wait between polls to confirm a sync job has been processed
run_once False bool Run only one sync cycle and exit
api_ca_validation True bool Validate the TLS certificates of the API server
api_timeout 60 int Timeout to fail a connection to the API server
live_test_timeout 30 int Liveness of the redis data for active jobs in server_mode. If data about a pending job is not refreshed by the end of this timeout, the system considers the connector instance handling the job died and cleans up the data associated
logfile   string Log file to send all output. It is also sent to stderr by default
google-auth-token   string This auth token is required for syncing with Google Suite domains. It is created through this tool, please follow instructions from our documentation
okta-auth-token   string This is an Okta API token and it is required to sync with Okta Directories
okta-domainname   string This is the domain assigned to your organization inside Okta. something like