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Fyde CLI

Version 0.10.0

Release date: 2020.10.23

  • Added support for Admin roles

Version 0.9.3

Release date: 2020.09.12

  • Added support for Wildcard Exceptions

Version 0.9.2

Release date: 2020.08.07

  • Added evaluate_resource API (“fyde-cli device evaluate”)

Version 0.9.1

Release date: 2020.05.05

  • Added support for SSO login
  • Added admin management support (list, create, edit, delete)
  • Added support to set a different email for administrators SSO authentication

Version 0.8.4

Release date: 2020.05.04

  • API definitions updated to match the latest Enterprise Console API. Affected operations: device listing, device enabling/disabling, device auth revoking

Version 0.8.0

Release date: 2020.02.11

Deprecation warning: please upgrade to the newest version as soon as possible since there are API incompatibilities on older ones

  • Adds support for resources with wildcard domains and port ranges
  • Add support for specifying several conditions and parameters in several API endpoints
  • Several other improvements

Version 0.7.0

Release date: 2019.12.17

  • Access resource model updated to match Enterprise Console API changes
    • Increased consistency of the output of delete, device authorization revoke, user and source enable/disable, and user enrollment management commands
      • All of these commands now support the –output flag and thus can report the result of the operation in machine-readable formats
  • Some commands now accept piped input, allowing for chaining of certain commands
    • For example, fyde-cli user list -q "John Doe" --list-all | fyde-cli user disable can be used to disable all users that appear in the search results for “John Doe”
    • For this to work, the piped command must output JSON (which is the default if no flags or configuration options are set).
  • Fixed bugs editing resources, where clearing the notes field would be impossible, and specifying port mappings is no longer mandatory every time a resource is edited
  • Improved handling of server error responses