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Fyde Enterprise Console

Version 0.12.0

Release date: 2020.10.23

  • Add support for Admin roles
  • Remove old revoke_enrollment API

Version 0.11.7

Release date: 2020.10.20

  • Update Device metadata database
  • Use proper responses to DELETE verbs
  • Remove RbacLegacy dead code
  • Fix some eager loading warnings

Version 0.11.5

Release date: 2020.09.15

  • Add support for wildcards on wildcard exceptions

Version 0.11.2

Release date: 2020.09.08

  • Add support for wildcard exceptions

Version 0.10.36

Release date: 2020.08.19

  • Allow to find devices by device_id and enrollment_id

Version 0.10.34

Release date: 2020.08.07

  • Add evaluate_policy method to Device API

Version 0.10.27

Release date: 2020.06.26

  • Add Email-backed SSO

Version 0.10.23

Release date: 2020.06.19

  • Add support for multiple Microsoft Azure directory tenants

Version 0.10.20

Release date: 2020.06.05

  • Add SSO support to Admin login

Version 0.10.1

Release date: 2020.02.10

  • Added support for resources with wildcard domains and port ranges
  • Added password reset flow
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.9.12

Release date: 2020.01.14

  • Improved the UI/UX on the device details page
  • A confirmation pop-up is now prompt when revoking the authentication for a device
  • It is now possible to disable and unenroll a device from this screen